Embracing Your Inner Light: Navigating Destiny and Purpose

Introduction to our inner light

At the moment of our soul's incarnation, when the unique light that defines us settles into a human cell at conception, the seeds of our destiny are embedded within this light. We enter this world as a spark of light, and this luminosity remains our core essence throughout our lives. By understanding the qualities of our inner light, we can uncover the seeds of our destiny that we carry within us.

The dynamic nature of our light

One fundamental quality of our light is its dynamic nature; it is never stagnant. It seeks movement in all directions: downward and inward, upward and outward, through every part of our being, and forward into the future. This movement allows the light to expand within our bodies and the space around us, driving us towards our purpose and destiny.

The concept of destiny

Destiny, in essence, is the force of our purpose—it's the intelligent thread that weaves through our lives, guiding us always. We can sense this guiding...

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You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion

higher calling purpose Jul 21, 2019

That's me, grade 4. If I had waited for other people to tell me what it is I do today, it would never have happened. If I waited for others to support me, to encourage me, to cheerlead me on toward the path I am on today, I would not be doing what I do. I was the one who had to believe in the tiny yet mighty impulse in my body. I had to listen to what my soul was telling me, deep down in my cells. I had to remember who that little girl was when spirit moved through her interrupted, before the world told her who she should, shouldn’t, could, couldn’t be. I had to dig my way through layers of doubt, fear, and shame about what I knew to be true, until I began to hear her a little louder. Then, I listened to her, patiently, like a mother would, often confused as I didn’t remember her language. No one else could truly understand why she felt the way she felt and why she wanted to do the things she did, I had to learn how to advocate for her, with my voice and...

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