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Lasting Transformation Happens in the Body

#transformation May 05, 2021

           You can understand a spiritual concept intellectually, which will help you make small incremental changes. It will bring you a certain earthly fulfillment and help you realize the image you envision of yourself. But the deep and lasting spiritual healing, the kind your soul is craving, and that takes you out of burnout and into your full power, cant happen until you take the concept from the intellect into the body. You have to integrate the process in the cells of your body. This is what you came for. You were made to do this. This changes the fabric of your soul and will stay with you in future lifetimes.

            I know from experience that choosing to look in and pay attention to your baggage can be intense, overwhelming, and often feel like you are doing things wrong. At this point in the process, I want you to know that this feeling is...

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Shame is Layered and Sneaky

When we do the healing work, it is not easy to face the wound of our inner child, because shame is layered and sneaky. It is one of the more difficult emotions to work with. Other emotions are more straightforward. Sadness is sadness, you can identify it more easily. You have been sad before and have seen other people express their sadness. Same with anger. Although you might have judgments about feeling it, you recognize it as is anger, and most of the time, you know what to do to release it. Shame hides and covers up other emotions. When the original wound, for example, sadness or anger, is ignored and isn’t witnessed or validated by another loving person, or worst, if it was made fun of, ridiculed, or used for another person’s benefits, we learn that what we feel is not acceptable. We understand that being sensitive is not useful to survive, and it can actually be emotionally unsafe to be so.
Belonging, love, and safety are essential to the growth of a child....
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