Trust and Sensitivity: Embracing Transformation with Openness

Trust is essential for transformation. It lets us surrender to the unknown to create something new. Trust opens possibilities, eases changes, and accelerates spiritual growth.

But for many, trust is fragile. We fear making wrong choices and the pain that may come. Trusting ourselves, our body, intuition, life, or surrendering can feel like placing our fate in someone else's hands—reckless and impossible. Yet we need trust to move forward and allow new experiences into our lives. It is crucial for authentic fulfillment.

Ideally, trust allows vulnerability while making us feel safe and connected. It enables exploration and discovery without the fear of punishment for lowering our defences. Without trust, curiosity fades, preventing adventures and surprises. We become stuck in old patterns.

Learning to trust our ability to feel and discern emotions is the first step toward deepening our overall trust. We gain clarity when we live with an open heart.

Start here: Elevate your trust

[Infographic] Are You Living a Life With or Without Trust? Review the chart to determine which qualities apply to you. If you identify more in the “Without” category than the “With,” that’s perfectly okay. To reclaim trust, we have to tune into where we are. It’s an essential piece to the roadmap.

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