Spiritual Practices: When To Let Them Go

When what used to work doesn't anymore, it's an invitation to expand to a new level of consciousness. Including our spiritual practices.
Looking back, I can see how many times I have been hard on myself when a practice stopped working, which didn't help. I can also see how it has been a pattern of not trusting, wanting to control, holding on tight to the way things are, and forgetting my essential nature as the sacred and creative emergent source.
It took me time, after my car accident in 2001, to understand the intelligence in it happening. The incident injured me physically and shook emotionally. I found myself dependent on others and needing to accept their help. My understanding of love at the time was transactional which meant in my mind it always came with conditions. So if I asked for help, I'd expose my vulnerability and open myself up for a dynamic I didn't want to engage in. I was afraid that my inability to navigate it would lead to me losing my...
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