Try This 5-Minute Meditation to Recover from Burnout

This is an energy healing visualization taking you into each chakra and each element. I invite you to see for yourself how your body communicates energy and information with you. Take your time with this meditation and do it often. It is incredibly revealing.

Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Slow your breathing down and deepen your breathing. With each exhalation, feel your body softening, relaxing, melting. When you breathe deeply like this, you engage your parasympathetic system, and you let your body know that it is safe, that something new can happen.

As you continue to breathe deeply like this, I invite you to bring your attention all the way down to the base of your spine. Take your time. Follow your focus, your awareness down through your body all the way down to the base of your spine. When you are there, take a deep breath into the base of your spine, allowing your body to soften even more now...

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The Transformative Power of Pele: Embracing the Fire Within

lemurian huna Nov 15, 2023

Video: Anne Bérubé describes invoking the energy of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, as a source of courage, boldness, and action, emphasizing her powerful feminine energy as an ally for initiating change, pursuing passions, and embarking on new ventures with confidence.


In the past couple of months, we've been exploring the shamanic tradition of the ancient Hawaiians, the Lumerians, a long, long time ago, which is called Huna, H-U-N-A. And this month, we're going to tap into the energy of Pele. She is the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, and she lives on the Big Island. And she has her own volcano. And she's a powerful, powerful ally. And I want you to think of her as an ally, almost like a sister, her energy is always available for us to tap into. And we use her energy when we need courage, when we need to be bold and clear, and we when we want to get things going, when you want to make things happen, because she is the fire. She represents and...

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Nurturing the Gift of Empathy Without Burning Out

#embodied #empath podcast Nov 08, 2023

This interview was conducted by Jennifer Ackad, embodiment and authentic transformation mentor, and was initially broadcast on The Authentic Woman You Are Online Series and Interactive Training in March 2021. You can explore The Authentic Woman You Are community platform via this link:

Embodied authentic women: Nurturing the gift of empathy without burning out

Empathy can be a superpower, a profound gift that allows us to connect deeply with the energy of others and the universe. But for empaths and those who naturally give more of themselves, it's a delicate balance to maintain. In a recent enlightening conversation on The Authentic Woman You Are Online Series and Interactive Training, I spoke with Jennifer Ackad and unpacked this delicate balance.

Ready to dive deeper into mastering your empathic abilities? Join me at the Oceanstone Seaside Resort for a transformative retreat. Learn More About The Happy...

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Awakening Uli: Journey into Ancient Lemurian Wisdom

Anne Bérubé - Awakening Uli

Video: Anne Bérubé on using the divine mother energy, Uli, to heal her relationship with her biological mother by understanding and embracing unconditional love.

When I first connected with her energy, it was through my teacher, Laura Kealoha Yardley, on Kauai, and after a couple days of this intensive training with her, it became very clear that I needed some help with my relationship with my own mother, my earthly mother, my biological mother. And Laura suggested that we bring in the energy of Uli. And the way that she presented it is that we all share this divine mother, we all share this primary, primordial mother essence within us and that energy is a representation and a manifestation of Divine Love, of unconditional love, of love with no opposites. And it manifests as an experience of unconditional love inside the body, and the heart, in the human being. And so connecting with that energy allows the...

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The Power of a Pure Heart

#healing trust Oct 09, 2023

Fully feeling the depth of each moment without barriers is a capacity and gift we all possess. We were born sensing our entire body, inner world, and the environment around us, initially without the need for protective walls. We were born fully trusting the people around us, but we did not yet know how to discern what the energy meant. We were new to the world with the powerful instrument of our high sensitivity and, for the first few years, entirely depended on others to protect it.

Understanding the essence of a pure heart

At the centre of our unguarded high sensitivity, at the core of our being, was the most precious thing of all: our pure heart. No matter how old or young our soul is, where we were born and to whom, our gender, race, or ethnicity, we all were born with a pure heart. No exception.

Do you trust that your heart is pure and acts in your best interest? How deep can your trust go? Can you take full responsibility for its safety? Can you feel safe and be sensitive...

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A Journey from Perfection to Presence: Embracing Authenticity with Nancy Regan

This podcast conversation was recorded on October 22nd 2022

Last fall, I had the joy of welcoming my dear friend and beautifully authentic spirit, Nancy Regan, to the Embodied podcast. An author, professional communicator, presentation coach, and an inspiring beacon of light, Nancy had penned her first book, From Showing Off to Showing Up: An Impostor's Journey from Perfect to Presence.

About Nancy's book

Nancy’s creation is a divine amalgamation of memoir and self-help, a true call to authenticity, and a guide to living a fearless life. What touches my heart deeply about her book is its gentle encouragement for readers to embrace intimacy with themselves and to find acceptance in every fragment of their being. This approach mirrors Nancy’s journey, and her transformation is interwoven within the words, an echo of her soulful dance with acceptance.

Connecting on a personal level

Our exchange on the podcast was filled with giggles and moments of genuine...

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Journeying into the Depths of Lemurian Huna

#embodiedspirituality Sep 11, 2023

Video: Anne Bérubé on the role of healing symbols in Huna philosophy.

And so in the Huna tradition, there's a series of healing and manifesting symbols that people use to either heal themselves, heal someone else, or manifest a desired outcome. And so the way that Laura taught the symbols to me was very different than maybe other teachers in Hawaii. Instead of just giving me the symbol, she would actually wait for the symbol to reveal itself to me in time. So one night, after spending a couple of days with her, I had a dream of the Waha-Hamama symbol, it was in her awareness, she wanted to share it with me, but she wanted to wait until the symbol would reveal itself to me, I had a dream about it. And the next morning, I didn't know it was a symbol. And we were painting, that was one of the ways that she shared with me through art. And I started to paint the symbol. And that's when she knew I was ready to consciously receive this symbol. So what...

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Are You Living a Life With or Without Trust?

trust Sep 08, 2023

Deepening our trust in ourselves and in life allows us to reclaim a power we have disconnected from a long time ago, a power that lives in the body.

When rediscovered, this power helps us tap into our purpose from within and lead our life guided from within.

I'd like to share with you a visual guide—a compass of sorts—that beautifully illustrates the transformation that occurs when we choose to invite trust into our lives.

The chart below juxtaposes 'A life without trust' with 'A life with trust', illuminating the shift from self-doubt to self-love, from the fear of failure to viewing it as an opportunity for growth, and so much more.

It's a gentle reminder that when we choose to trust, we allow our inner light to guide us, transforming our fear into freedom. Now, let's dive into this exploration together.

From Fear to Freedom: 10 Powerful Shifts Through Embracing Trust

A life without trust

A life with trust


Practice self-love

Fear of failure

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Lost in Maui: Survival, Spirit, and Insight

#embodied Sep 05, 2023

This podcast conversation was first published on June 15th, 2021.

We've all had moments, those seemingly insignificant decisions we make, without realizing that they could entirely alter the trajectory of our lives. Some moments are powerful reminders that life is unpredictable, ephemeral, and profoundly spiritual.

A harmless morning run: Amanda’s unexpected journey

One such moment in time was experienced by Dr. Amanda Eller, who opted for what seemed to be a harmless choice — a morning run. Little did she know that this decision would lead her down a path she hadn’t anticipated and one she'd remember for the rest of her life.

In May 2019, Amanda found herself lost amidst the thick foliage of the Maui jungle. It was not just a test of her physical stamina and resilience but an intense spiritual awakening, one that held her in its embrace for more than two weeks.

The uncharted spiritual expedition behind the sensation

On this gripping episode of the Embodied...

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From Blooming Rose to Boundless Garden

#burnout #healing Aug 15, 2023
Anne Berube
From Blooming Rose to Boundless Garden

Listen to an audio version of this blog post, narrated by Anne Bérubé. Simply select the play button on the media player above.

The river loses its name as it flows into the sea.

-Kahlil Gibran

The last 2 years have been a period of transition for me. I knew I was done with how I had been doing things for the past decade, but I didn't know how things would change or where I was going. I remember thinking: I'm ready to give it all up, if this is the invitation. I don't have to keep any of it, if it doesn't fit with where I am going.

I began to make space by letting go of some things, but I quickly realized that it wasn't enough. This wasn't just about a change in what I did and how I did it. It was a change in identity. A transition in identity is always a little more tricky, especially if you enjoy who you have become.

I had become a teacher, an author, a guide. I created programs people enjoyed, and they were getting results. I wrote books people read and...

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