Happy International Women's Day

Only she can make life out of non-life.
Without her, nothing can be born, nothing can be created.
She is the life-force, the primal impulse that animates all that exists, the cause of creation.
She is the ground beneath each breath and heartbeat.
She is the reason we are here.
She is who we are when we come back home to our bodies.
She is who we are, even when we forget.
Happy International Women's Day!
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Embodied Empathy

Toxic Empathy
Psychologists make the distinction between “emotional empathy” and “cognitive empathy” or “social intelligence,” which is to appreciate what’s going on emotionally with another person without any contagion of feelings. Cognitive empathy allows us to understand that someone is suffering and still want to help, but without feeling what they are feeling. This distinction makes all the difference when it comes to serving and still conserving our energy.
Emotional empathy is a disembodied emotion, meaning that your attention is outside of yourself. You project yourself in the other person’s body, you feel what you perceive they feel.
Emotional empathy takes you out of yourself and places you in the other person’s shoes where you are disconnected from your inner world. You are out of your body and in an emotion that doesn’t belong to you. In the process, you contaminate your present moment awareness. In this state,...

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Self-Love As An Antidote To Burnout

Self love can be elusive. We all agree that loving all of ourselves (not in an ego way but in a deep soul way) is the path to a good life, but you might not be sure how to do go about it. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one. You will be with you longer than anyone else on the planet so you better make it the best relationship you have. Begin by talking to yourself out loud with kindness and compassion. Consider this simple exercise. When things feel great and you have a moment of joy or contentment, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “You and I did this. We are a team and we created this happiness. Well done beautiful. I love you more than anything. ” It might feel weird at first but if you keep doing it many times a day for a few days, you will start to feel different and you will begin to understand what love that comes from within feels like. And the universe will send you more experiences of self-reliance and self-autonomy...
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Continuously rebirthing our light into matter

Anne Berube
Continuously rebirthing our light into matter
I often invite my clients to imagine their body as a prism, just like the one on the Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd CD cover: the white light represents our core essence, our light force, the prism represents the body, and the rainbow represents the life you create, your expression in the world, your words and your actions.
When the body is clear and peaceful, the expression of our light force is in alignment, in resonance with our source, and we feel grounded, well, content. When our body is cluttered or clouded, the movement of light is interrupted, we feel out of sync, tired, stressed, anxious, or depressed, especially if we try to address the issue mainly with our intellect.
We can't always have a clear vessel. It's not the goal, and it really shouldn't be the destination because, by virtue of being boundless consciousness expressing through a three-dimensional body, we will constantly (unless we shed the body) be going through contraction and expansion.
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Redefining Safety and Reprioritizing Life

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2022

Happy New Year, beautiful souls! 

May 2022 be the year you remember who you are and share your unique medicine with the world. We need you to be you, out loud, now more than ever!

With everything that has happened in the past couple of years, it's easy to let fear take over. Many of us have forgotten how to trust life. With our increased focus on the news and the global pandemic, our hearts have entrained with fear-based messaging and anxiety in the people around us. 

We know who we are, and we know what we want. But often, we close in on ourselves unconsciously, from a fear that is not even ours, that does belong to us. 

The incessant low-grade worrying that operates in the background without our conscious awareness sucks our energy. We become exhausted from always "fighting" and "protecting ourselves." Our bodies are intelligent, so to survive, we become apathetic. This is a protection mechanism. Our bodies are trying to keep us healthy and alive by shutting...

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It is safe to be sensitive

#soulrealization Dec 20, 2021

When I look back at 2021, I feel dizzy. The emotional rollercoaster was a lot to take for many of us. I often felt like my shoulders shrugged in, my heart tempted to close up. The disappointment felt was existential, like I couldn't be who I truly am, but not because I was in my own way. It felt the world was in my way. I saw how easy it was to give in to fear and go back to more safe, logical, and measured ways of moving through the world...

 Instead, I accepted the invitation and dug deeper. I found a wound in my heart that had been there for eons, a wound that said, "it is not safe to be that sensitive and that open, because in the end, it will hurt, you will be disappointed."

Familiar? This belief can take you back into old patterns very fast. It can easily be justified by how people around you live their life. It takes a lot of patience, trust in your core-essence, and more patience to move through. Your inner child holds this core wound, and it will work hard at...

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Comfort in Conflict

We often find comfort in conflict. Intensity and contrast are all around us, all the time, especially these days with everything happening around the world. For many of us, conflict has become our default setting. And when it goes on too long, we come to a place where we feel more comfortable in the chaos of an argument or a dramatic piece of news than we do in the stillness of our own being.
Often we pride ourselves on how much we can handle. Our backs are strong, people can lean on us. The more problems to solve and the more crisis to manage, the better. We take it on not necessarily because we want to, but mostly out of habit and because we can. We often hold the limited belief, “I should because I can.” And when chaos outside settles, we realize we have forgotten how to thrive without it. Our subconscious seeks the familiarity of chaos.
I know this about me. I can push my limits quite far until I can't anymore. I can ignore my desire for stillness and creative...
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Emergent Self: Tapping Into Your Third Eye

meditation Nov 15, 2021
Anne Berube
Emergent Self: Tapping Into Your Third Eye

Our chakra energy system can be separated into three parts. 

The first four chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart) represent the past and hold the memory of past experiences, from childhood and in utero, and the unprocessed traumas we have gone through even as adults. So in order to heal the past, we must sink into ourselves, make direct contact with our inner landscape, and explore what lives in us at the cellular & energetic levels. The first four chakras, when healthy, allow us to process and transform at a rapid pace. Experiences that relate to our sense of safety, belonging, ability to take action, and sense of identity move through us and resolve without interruption. As the expression of who we are to the world, these four chakras are supposed to change, transform, and expand over and over again. So healing is not a one-time thing. It is an ongoing journey that always brings us more into the integration of who we truly are. One should always start here on...

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Adieu, Dear Soul Brother

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2021
I hope you know, dear friend, dear soul-brother, that you had a huge impact. You chose the road less traveled, over and over again, even when it was uncertain, difficult, and against the good opinions of others. You inspired thousands to live with awareness and seek to deepen their own consciousness. You gave people second chances, helped them see through and beyond their traumas, their hurt. You accompanied so many on the journey to meeting their potential. You saved lives. We just wished we could have saved yours.
There was so much left to do, dear Stephane. So many places and people to connect with, grow with, love with. So much more to feel and delight in. Right now, I don't understand, and I am heartbroken. It feels like your work here was cut short. You leaving now doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel timely. I might never understand. I love you. Thank you for all of it. It was a gift to have known you.
J'espère que tu sais, cher ami, frère de mon...
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Life is on your side

My body forgets quickly that life is on my side. Even after years of healing, my animal suit tries to protect me from disappointment by attempting to control outcomes. It wasn’t safe to be opened and soft as a child. And if I was, if my guards were down, then my environment would remind me quickly to shut it down. Often the reminder would come as a surprise, out of left field, catching me vulnerable, reinforcing the need for more protection, more layers.

Sometimes, everything outside of me proves true my conditioned belief that life is not on my side; I am the only one on my side. When my heart is closed, and my fire is kept neatly at bay below my diagram, with shallow breaths and business, of course, the reality I project is one of disappointment, of compromise, and of smallness.

And if I stay like this for a while, my inner world starts to crumble too. It’s harder to meditate, harder to breathe deeply, and my health suffers. Opportunities for a return to wellness seem...

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